Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Turning 18

Yesterday, my daughter turned 18.  Happy Birthday, Chloe!

On the night my daughter was born, the weather changed.
It had been a long hot summer!  Sunday, September 12: I was tired and hot.  We went to my mom's to swim and then, not long after dinner, I went into labor.  By midnight, I was standing outside barefoot and in my nightgown, waiting for Chloe's dad to get the car.
The hot sweltering day had turned into a cool and foggy night with a wonderful light mist.

By 5 a.m. I was back home from the birth center.  I was young and bewildered, excited and terrified.  In the early morning on a wonderfully cool and dreary day, I snuggled my new baby in bed.

Last night...just before started to pour!! 'Twas a wonderful cold and heavy rain!  So refreshing after our first Arizona summer.  Chloe and I kicked off our shoes and went outside in the rain.

Every year since her birthday, the weather always changes.

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