Friday, September 9, 2011

The Welcome Table

For the past 4 years, while living in small apartments, keeping furniture to a minimum, and choosing my art table over other furniture, I have not owned a dinner table.  My daughter and I sat on the floor for most meals.

My husband bought a four-place, wooden dinner table at the Goodwill when we began dating.  It is old and in solid condition.  Originally, he took a Sharpie marker to it and embellished it with words and images.  But since it was never properly sealed, it began to fade and it was in need of care.

We sanded it just enough to get it rough and began to paint it using simple craft paint from our local craft store.  Todd had originally used the words: The Welcome Table.  We chose to stay with those words and added the images around it.  I love it!  Tomorrow I will lovingly seal it with polyurethane. And it will be ready for feasting.

Have a sweet weekend!

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderfully welcoming table!

    Congratulations on all of the fantastic goodness that has been happening in your life! Wheee!!!

    Your artwork always makes me smile :)
    (Lovin' that submarine!)