Monday, June 11, 2012

Is Anyone Out There?

Heeelllllooooooooo.  Is anyone still out there. 
I know.  I have been gone a long time.

It has been a year since I moved to Arizona: blending my teenage daughter with two young step kids, building a new marriage and working three part-time jobs.

Well, I have been absent from blogging.  But, now a change in my work schedule will allow me more time!

I moved again, two days ago.  After settling in, I realized I need a laundry basket to transport clothes to the outside washer.  My mind immediately went to BUY mode.  Then I saw the empty trash can!
With a good scrubbing and play time with my Sharpies, I now have a new laundry basket.


  1. Awesome! If my laundry basket looked like this, I would probably do laundry every single day (instead of my current strategy of waiting until I run out of clothes!) =)

    Here's hoping you get to enjoy even more 'you' time!

  2. What a fun project. I want to do this. YaY. Glad to see you back by the way. I have been slow on keeping up with my blogs, this will help to kick me into gear!

  3. Thank you, Ash and Susan! I'm happy to know you are there.

  4. I am here too! :) Carrying my laundry in something this cute would make the job A LOT better. It was good to see your name pop up in my reader!! I love your whimsical creations. xo