Saturday, June 30, 2012

With You

I follow this blog: Viv On A Whim.

Viv is struggling with the very recent death of her grandson, Jacob: only 15 days old.

It makes my heart break.
I, and many other followers, left our messages of love and sorrow, prayers and condolences.

But comment caught my attention.
"I am sad with you right now."
With you...

I find this painfully beautiful!

It gives me a sense of closeness, support and community.

Jacob's death makes me very sad.
But I only had thought of how it makes me sad...or I am sad for Viv and her family...or I am sad because of...

I feel compassion and sadness, but I hold it separate.  How could I truly be included in Viv's pain unless I too know what it's like to lose a baby? It is almost as if I feel my pain but I would never try to hold it up to someone who has greater pain.  My pain isn't worthy.

I am sad with you.
That makes all the difference!
It is valid.  It is held...deeply...together...

I can be all of these things WITH you.
I don't have to be them alone.
And neither do you.


  1. It's amazing how the simplest word or phrase can open us to a new way of thinking or being. Which I'm thankful for, almost daily!

    What a soul-wrenching loss for this family. My thoughts are with them.

  2. So sad. My heart aches for Viv and her family.