Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Lampshade

It was time for a lampshade redo!

The idea came from Joann Fabric, from their Free Idea cards.
Their sample was in neutrals.  But I knew it was open for doing it "my way." :)

I did buy two new packages of bias tape.  Other than that, I used what I had.
Egads!  I even USED some of my vintage bias tape.  No more saving!

The directions called for adding buttons.  I'm not opposed to the idea, but I love wool flowers!  It wasn't hard to decide to use the ones I had made last summer.

Oh, and yes...I even knit a green cozy for the post of the lamp.


  1. I love this lampshade, Jenny! Super fun and whimsical.

    (You have also made me a lamp-stand-cozy convert!) =)


  2. You USED your vintage bias tape? Are you crazy? No, seriously, it's cute. Nice job.