Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Joy and Sorrow Are Friends

I have always tried to separate joy and sorrow, as if you can only feel one as soon as the other has ushered out.  And don't even think of feeling the other way again until you have cleaned up and swept out every emotional crumb of the current emotion.


I have decided to let them hold hands.
It's a bit heavy at the moment, but it is much more peaceful.

*My sunrise photo from a week ago.


  1. Indeed. Not sure I can explain this on an intellectual level, but what comes to mind is something my yoga teacher said this morning: "The experience of God comes between the breath."

  2. Beautiful sunrise, Jenny, and beautiful words that carry so much truth. Thank you for the reminder.

    I'm glad you're finding your peace.

    (Have you read Dark Nights of the Soul by Thomas Moore? His book is an exploration of this very thing.)

  3. Beautiful sunrise. Isn't it funny what we do to obtain something that we keep within? Sort of like Dorothy when she said she should look in her own backyard for her heart's desire. Peace, Sister Friend.

  4. sure look like you got personal with 2 of 8 worldly dharmas......... and your beautiful loving heart told you how to handle it...you are going to be OK. BIG hugs to you, love...