Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Grammie

Last weekend, while visiting my family in California, I made sure to take time to visit my Grandma.
When I arrived, her dusty-blue jammies matched her dusty-blue upholstered furniture and her brand new dusty-blue carpet.  Her pink socks were the only thing that stood out.

My visit was heartwarming and heartbreaking.

At one point she asked, "What do I do with the rest of my life?"
What do you say?

Over her shoulder, I noticed her box of hair rollers; the same box she has been using since I was a little girl.  Getting to stay up late and watch her put rollers in her hair was a childhood favorite!

Once in my late 20's, during a round of depression, I was able to watch my grammie roll her hair.  It was the only thing that made me feel sane for a wee bit.

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  1. For a few days last summer your grams could not remember how to roll up her hair with curlers, so when she then got it together to do so, it was a relief. I think it was anyway.