Monday, June 30, 2014


I am being pulled to do something.
But with the soulful pull comes Resistance, which rears its ugly head as self-doubt - the easiest hook.
"You are not educated enough! You don't have the proper credentials!  Why would the world want you? You couldn't help because you don't TRULY understand."


But I have agreed to pursue it anyway.

I believe in the power of creativity.
Creativity is a place to pause and a place to discover, a place to move through.
It has helped me muddle through grief and lead me depression.
It has helped captured moments of great joy and allowed my mind to rest by simply watching a colored pencil move back and forth on the paper.

I am being pulled to provide creative opportunities for people in grief, particularly mothers grieving miscarriages, stillborns or infant loss.

It's huge.  'Tis more than I can get my head and heart around.

"God, you must have gotten me confused with someone much more qualified."
Nope.  The signs keep pointing which way I am supposed to go.

I shall go.

1 comment:

  1. Ahh, self-doubt. An old friend of mine, too (as with all of us, no doubt) who keeps me company daily as I try to pen stories...despite the fact that I failed my last year of high school English...despite the fact that I'm a three-time uni dropout...despite the fact that I actually have no idea how to write stories...and despite the fact that...............does it ever really end???

    I'm SO glad you will go the journey, Jenny, despite Resistance (with her impressive capital R). I have no doubt you will do beautifully (because of your glorious 'imperfections', which is what these woman really need). The fact that YOU are being pulled IS the only reason—"justification"—you will ever need.

    I wish you well. I know it can be a painful journey, this creative journey. But it is always worth it, isn't it...