Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Not Original, But FUN

Remember my trash can(CLICK HERE.)
It was created out of the desire to use what I had, and NOT run to the store to buy...buy...buy!!

Just last night I was ready to go buy a small wall mirror that I need for the bathroom.
I was on my way when a craft fairy came and smacked me on the forehead.

Gluing buttons on something is not a revolutionary idea. But I was able to use a hand mirror I already had and encrust it with vintage buttons I was 'saving' in a drawer.

I played again!


  1. You're so silly. It may not be an original idea, but your originality shines through in everything you create. If you have any buttons left, make a bracelet!

  2. The best part...you'll smile every time you look into your mirror!

    I love this idea, though...using what we already have. I'm trying to adopt the same policy when it comes to sending cards by making my own. Perhaps one day I'll make a dent in the millions of scraps of cardstock and paper strips I have accumulated!