Thursday, March 21, 2013

Left-handed Drawing

This is my latest left-handed (non-dominant) drawing.  The difference is it was ALL drawn with my left hand.  My right hand only got to erase a few lines here and there.

Funny thing, when I draw with my left hand, my annoying inner critic is silent.  LOVE that!

Dorthea Lange is the American photographer famous for capturing the Great Depression.  Most people would recognize the unforgettable photo, Migrant Mother.
Recently, I purchased a used book of her photos.  For some reason, I was taken by the photo, and chose to copy it in this rendering.
As an artist, I don't think I am suppose to do that.  (shhhh)
That is why I will be keeping this one.


  1. Holy moly, Jenny, this is spectacular...and the fact that you did it with your left I'd be thrilled if I could draw even half as well with my dominant hand!!

    Perhaps I should trying writing/typing with my left hand, only. My inner critic totally needs a time-out!!


  2. Thank you, Ash! And YES, YES! Do try writing with your left hand. (Typing would be cool too!) It is FUN! Interesting things emerge! And yes, we ALL NEED a break from our inner critic.

  3. Awesome work! Anything that silences that inner critic is good.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Didn't realize that you hadn't read about my hubby. It was quite sudden, on New Year's Eve. I'm doing reasonably well. Take care.

  4. Thank you, Susan!
    I have been a rather neglectful blogger and follower for several months. I am glad you are doing okay. Grief is such a weird, painful yet beautiful beast. Take care of your beautiful self!